Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BRONZE SWORD: The Lore of DayONE (Paperback)

BRONZE SWORD: The Lore of DayONE (Paperback)
Author: A. A. Wolfner
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781604747195
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Publish Date: 3/24/2008
Pages: 396

The story takes up where the previous book left off. We witness the death of the Beast Rider, King Lionard, through treachery and deceit. Lionard's great Bronze Sword, the invincible and indestructible Dragon Blade, is shattered. Once again, the Great Dragon, Ramdierh, is loosed upon the world. A dragon, with both a conscience, and a great hunger which cannot be assuaged.

To have any hope at all to win this war and save his brother, the Elfin Prince Morais must find the 'ar, which is the only way to find the Fire Elves, the only beings who can repair the broken Bronze Sword and, with the dagger and the 'Ar, travel to the place where the Fire Elves may, or may not, live.'

I think the trilogy is improving with each successive book. The prologue and the epilogue, while unrelated to the story in the book (as with the first one) reveals more details, and quite possibly shall be important in the third volume.

The story itself... Some secrets are revealed, some questions laid out in the first book are answered, and some prophecies are, so to speak, mislaid.

I enjoyed reading this. I like the way the story is progressing. While the first book is more panoramic in its world view, this one is more tightly focused. We learn more about the bronze sword, and about the Great Dragon, Ramdierh. A little something is also revealed towards the end of the book which, in the story's context—well, I don't want to give anything away too soon. ;-)

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